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So damn stylish!

Man, Pelo's videos always seem to put me in a good mood whenever I watch them. They all have some weird, endearing charm to them, I swear.

I think the thing I like the most about this animation are the expressions, especially Bowsers at the very beginning. The limited bits of movement in this video are pretty charming as well.

Great stuff!

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Very challenging and intriguing game!

I like the graphic style you have going here, the music is very nice and stays fresh even when repeated over and over, and the dynamic between the puzzle and action elements work very well together. Having to think about how the action segment will fare if the puzzle is completed really spices up the gameplay. Good stuff!

However, I do have some issues with it that need to be addressed, issues that do sour the experience a bit.

As its been said by some people in the comments, the half-push element really is an issue. It is very easy to accidentally nudge a block into some place you didn't want it to go, forcing you to start over from scratch. If you want to move a block up instead of right, for example, the nudged block will be fixed to the right no matter what, until you push it completely to that fixed direction.

Another thing is how the crystal orbs are introduced. I honestly do not think there's enough visually to the orbs that help describe that:

a) they're active and can kill you
b) they hit in a cross direction

The colour itself shows that they're active on the field, sure, but it still doesn't really hint that they can hit up and across with the way it's visually done.

Either have the areas around it glow softly to indicate a direction, or have a symbol inside the orb blinking to show it hits in these areas. Anything to tip the player a bit into thinking "Oh, something bad might happen if I step near this orbs's range".

The background objects are also not clear enough to show whether or not they block the shots of the orb.

The crystals at least are bright and silhouetted to indicate they are a solid mass and can block the orb's sight, but objects like the stump that are meant to block them as well are visually pale and blend in with everything else, so it can be quick to assume that the orbs pass through them just like the rocks, for example.

A little more distinction on what does and doesn't block the orb's attacks.

Speaking of objects, I feel like there could have been a more early introduction to the idea that you can push statues with another one blocking it. There wasn't much leading in to the idea that it would be possible, so the levels that have you outright required to do it take much longer than necessary.

Just some incidental situation early on in the game that has you stumble on the fact that you can push several blocks at once while figuring out a level. More prep, at least.

Aside from some sound effects being a bit too loud, there's not much else that's wrong aside from what I mentioned above. It still was a very well done puzzle/action game that I had a lot of fun playing though. It really challenged me, and I'm glad to have gone though it.

Great work, man!

That was a fairly simple, yet very creative puzzle game! Good job!

Neat game! Good level design, cute spritework, a little hammy, but not too overbearing.

I don't know if it was just me, but the hitboxes for the moving spikes felt a bit too big than they should while I was playing it. Not a big issue, though.

The lady's design is not my taste personally, but I don't think it's bad in any way. Different preferences and all that.

Still a neat game, though! Was not bored by it!

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I think you forgot to tag the rating properly.

KenjaNoIshi responds:

Thanks a lot for letting me know!

Love their designs so much!

Vivian is so good.

Dude who likes apes, frogs, and retro 70s anime.
Also I draw, I guess.

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